Interview: Legacy
“Pericopes+1: Gemeinsam eintrocknen” — by Hans-Jürgen Linke, Jazzthetik (Germany)


Wow – we are blown away to share this interview feature in the Jan/Feb ’18 issue of Germany’s Jazzthetik Magazine! In November, editor Hans-Jürgen Linke reached us with some questions in anticipation of our extensive album release tour in Germany this March.

Our new album, Legacy, will be released internationally on 2nd February with Auand Records on all of the typical platforms, so check it out!

The album Legacy brings together both the playful intuition and the fixed, compositional work.

“The chemistry,” says Alessandro Sgobbio, “was right from the start. Without any particular effort, we had a creative energetic connection between us. Together, we like to create a fresh creative language which is a bridge between our European and American influences”.

Nick Wight: “This chemistry continues to allow space for me to develop a more “un-orthodox” drum style that approaches the compositions from a melodic and textural idea as well as a “feel good” groove or deconstructed rhythmic concept”.

Emi Vernizzi: “We live in a postmodern world where past, present and future happen at different levels and speeds. Our way of dealing with influences is constantly changing.”