Jazzclub Unterfahrt in Munich was a blast!

P1896664 Periscope & 1 - Foto TJ Krebs

Munich was a blast! Thank you TJ Photoagency 🙏 for capturing these wonderful moments at Jazzclub Unterfahrt 💛 Thank you everyone for attending & following online our show 🇩🇪 so happy to perform again in such a wonderful jazz club with its beautiful team & attentive audience!

Emi, Alessandro & Ruben

P1896440 Pericopes plus 1 - Foto TJ Krebs

P1896471 sw Vernizzi - Foto TJ Krebs

P1896510 Scobbio - Foto TJ Krebs

P1896503 sw Bellavia - Foto TJ Krebs

P1896593 Vernizzi - Foto TJ Krebs

P1896643 Scobbio & Vernizzi - Foto TJ Krebs

pericopes unterfahrt

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