Legacy (2017)

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Pericopes+1 “LEGACY”mastered-for-itunes

ITALY Sep 8, 2017
WORLDWIDE Feb 2, 2018
Emiliano Vernizzi tenor saxophone
Alessandro Sgobbio piano, fender rhodes
Nick Wight drums
Music composed by Alessandro Sgobbio, except (1,5) by Emiliano Vernizzi and (7) by Nick Wight

Creative luminaries never settle into a comfort zone. They’re constantly seeking new inspiration and applying innovative ideas, which allow them to remain unclassifiable despite mainstream media’s fervent search for labels. When iconoclastic artists transition from life on earth, they pass on a legacy for all to learn and benefit from. On September 8, 2017, Pericopes + 1 release their second album, Legacy, an ambitious, nonconformist album that exhibits a deep admiration for iconoclastic artists who pushed stylistic boundaries of rock, pop and more for decades.
Preparation for Legacy began on the road in 2015 during American and European album release tours for the first Pericopes + 1 album, These Human Beings, released with Alfa Music in early 2015. The band later decided to set aside additional time and space to rehearse, develop new compositions, and sharpen their approach to interplay.
Vernizzi, Sgobbio and Wight gathered for a 2016 summer residency in rural Pennsylvania (USA) before starting a UK, EU tour in October. After another short residency in Aberdeen, Scotland they brought the music to the bandstand, finishing over 3 weeks later at the Jazz and Wine of Peace festival in Italy. In early November they went directly to the ECM favored Artesuono Studios to document an 18 month creative process. The result is Legacy.
Legacy opens with an intro of short, angular motifs that build like a wave and crash into Zardis – an extravagant homage for New Orleans bassist Chester Zardis – ironic for a bassless trio. Markveien and the title track Legacy assimilate dynamic, progressive elements of rock into the ‘contemporary jazz’ arena. Connecting these two muscular songs is Sgobbio’s elegy, November Tears, one of the album’s few ballads. Grossetto conveys vintage and contemporary flavors as Sgobbio utilizes a vintage Fender Rhodes, Wight deconstructs his drum sounds, while Vernizzi subtly displaces melodic themes in reverse.
Red Sand Town is an old Pericopes (duo) tune that the trio performed during their 2012 inception in Paris and have developed ever since in live performance. In Wie Die Blumen, a groove unfolds as Vernizzi shapes rhythmic, single-note lines. The explosive ending loops and collectively blossoms “Like the Flowers” – as the title suggests. Wight’s ballad, Reverences (a deep respect for someone or something), is dedicated to Bill Kyle – the late, revered Scottish jazz promoter who the band worked with extensively in 2016. The album concludes with a lyrical, distilled ballad, Major’s 10, which serves as a metaphysical connection to previous melodic work by the Pericopes duo.

Produced by Emiliano Vernizzi and Alessandro Sgobbio
Executive Producer: Marco Valente
Recorded at Artesuono, Cavalicco (UD) on November 2016
Engineer: Stefano Amerio
Cover Photo: Ilaria Magliocchetti Lombi
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