Double release for the new single “COSMIC NIRVANA” (feat. Anais Drago)



Proudly we announce that our NEW single Cosmic Nirvana is OUT on all music streaming platforms and it features the international award-winning violinist Anaïs Drago!


The song was produced in the prestigious Artesuono studios by Stefano Amerio as part of the first of a series of publications included in the album “Good Morning World” soon to be released in September by the record label Losen Records.

Cosmic Nirvana explores the multiple paths to reach the cathartic state, a mystical and unconventional happiness placed beyond the parameters of the imagination. The composition is part of a concept album that explores the current theme of the post-human with narratives based on contrast, reflection, denunciation, cry, prayer, through imaginary worlds and dialogues between characters that flow beyond the chronology of time.

The song was also involved in a fundraising initiative in support of civilians displaced in the Gaza Strip by the MIDJ (Italian Jazz Musicians Association) through its inclusion in the “MIDJ Sounds for Gaza” compilation on the Bandcamp platform. Please support it, thank you!

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“Cosmic Nirvana
Anaïs Drago (violin)
Emi Vernizzi (sax / electronics)
Claudio Vignali (piano FAZIOLI F278 MK3 / electronics)
Ruben Bellavia (drums)
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Stefano Amerio @artesuono.recording.studios – Cavalicco (UD) Italy
Assistant recording: Lorenzo Crana
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